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© 2020 Boketo Media & Jarrod Alonge

Boketo Media is a digital media and production company created by Jarrod Alonge for independent creators. The world is constantly evolving, and the way we do entertainment has evolved with it. Boketo is fundamentally adapted to the "Internet Age," and our goal is to connect artistic professionals while taking full advantage of newly democratized creative tools and online services. We are currently expanding upon a vast network of innovative creators and producers who have the ability to breathe life into any project, spanning across the industries of music, film, gaming and more.
Looking for creative work?
Boketo needs innovative, inspired individuals who can transform abstract ideas into tangible works of art. Do you have a special talent or skill, but lack the resources to properly utilize it? We can help. The opportunities we offer include both creative and non-creative roles (such as accounting, legal, marketing, etc.). If you have something to offer and wish to be compensated fairly for your hard work, check out the FIND WORK section!
Got a project, or an idea?
Maybe you've started on a short film, but went over budget. Maybe you've already released an album for your band, but need a bigger audience. You might have a great concept for a video game, but lack the means to make that concept a reality. If your idea is unique enough and your skill set fits our standards, we can work with you to finally turn that idea into a marketable product. If you have what it takes, make us a pitch in the SUBMIT A PROJECT section!